Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

3 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Modern Minimalist Style And More Space

by Christine Matthews

When you are considering remodeling your bathroom, space is an issue. Minimalist designs give your bathroom a modern design with an open and spacious filling. Consider taking out the clutter in the bathroom that you do not need, such as a vanity and just installing a modern wall mounted sink or throwing the bath out and making it a shower. Recesses, niches and hidden storage spaces are also a great in minimalist designs. Here are some small bathroom remodeling ideas for a modern minimalist design and more open, spacious feeling:

1. Throw Out the Vanity and Replace with Just a Sink

Bathrooms often have features that take up a lot of floor space, such as the vanity, which is the cabinetry piece that holds the sink. Rather than having a vanity in your kitchen, install a stand-alone sink. For retro look that blends in with modern design, consider a pedestal-style sink. For more modern and minimalist designs, wall-mounted sinks are a good choice, which can also include small storage space beneath them.

2. Get Rid of The Tub Or Having Bathtub Restorations Done

In older bathrooms, a common feature that eats up floor space is the bathtub. Showers are a great solution to replace baths in minimalist designs. With a glass shower enclosure, your bathroom will also have a more spacious feeling. In addition, you can do more with shower spaces, such as add shelves, seats and even sauna features for a relaxing private space in your new bathroom. Another option that you may want to consider is keeping the old bathtub and having it restored. Consider options for updating the tub, such as refinishing it and installing a glass enclosure to get rid of dingy curtains.

3. Hide Your Bathroom Clutter with Hidden Bathroom Storage Spaces

Storage in your bathroom is important for personal-care products, but with minimalist design you want this space to be invisible. Using space like areas behind mirrors or niches in walls is a great way to give your bathroom hidden storage space. If you have any hidden shelving with doors, make sure they blend into the finishes in the bathroom and have straight lines to make them hardly-noticeable. For cabinet storage, drawer hardware is great to create slide-out spaces that blend with the finish materials in bathrooms. With minimalist designs, you want to have spaces that are clean, clutter free and have few interruptions, which means minimal use of hardware.

These are some modern bathroom renovation ideas for small space and minimalist design. If you need help with some of these renovations to the bathroom in your home, contact a bathtub restoration service for help renovating your old tub to fit in with the minimalist design in your bathroom. Contact a company, like Stanley Avenue Tub Co, for more help.


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