Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

How To Clean-Up Your Home's Interior After Experiencing A Home Fire

by Christine Matthews

Fire damage inside your home from a home fire causes damage not only to surfaces that become scorched but also to areas that are exposed to the fire's chemical-filled smoke. Here are some tips to help you clean up and restore your home's interior of fire and smoke damage.

Remove Fire-Damaged Items

The first step for clean-up after a fire in your home is to remove the items and materials that have become fire damaged and cannot be salvaged. This includes burned and charred window coverings, wall and ceiling drywall, insulation, decor, fixtures, and any interior structural wall lumber. Use a prybar to remove areas of fire damage or a utility knife to cut out sections of drywall.

As you remove the drywall that has been charred, you can inspect the interior of the wall to see what needs removing. As fire naturally travels upward as it burns and often travels across your ceiling, most areas of burn damage are going to be higher up in the rooms of your home.

Clean Smoke-Damaged Surfaces

Be sure to check your home's ventilation system with your air conditioner or furnace, as the smoke can infiltrate the ductwork and get into the filter of your home's HVAC. Remove and replace the HVAC filter and talk to an HVAC professional about cleaning your ductwork to remove the smoke residue and odors. If you leave these residues inside the ductwork, the smoke smell can remain inside your home, and the burned chemicals in the smoke odor can cause health issues.

Wipe down the walls, ceiling, cabinets, and other surfaces in your home to remove the layer of smoke odor and chemicals from the fire. As the fire burns materials in your home, it creates chemicals that stay within your home and can be harmful to your health, not to mention smell bad.

A mixture of trisodium phosphate and water is a sufficient cleaning solution to remove these odors and chemicals. Mix up the solution in a bucket and use a large sponge saturated in the solution to scrub the walls clean. Smoke tends to be attracted to cooler areas in your home, such as exterior walls and windows so that these areas can be more thickly covered in smoke residues. Work from the ceiling and downward as you wipe the smoke residue from surfaces, wearing protective rubber gloves and eye and breathing protection. 

Repair Your Home's Interior

After the damage and residue from the fire and smoke have been removed and cleaned, you can restore your home's interior. Install new drywall, fixtures, and other materials that were damaged. Apply new primer and paint onto existing walls after they have been cleaned. Be sure to select a smoke-odor blocking primer to eliminate the smoke odors. You can also talk to a professional smoke remediation company to help clean up the smoke and fire damage to any areas of your home.

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