Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

3 Tips To Deal With Foundation Problems That Lead To Wet Messes

by Christine Matthews

Wet messes in your home often start with problems with the foundation, such as poor drainage and static water pressure, or failed waterproofing and cracked foundation. The soils where your home is built can also affect the foundation and be the cause of problems. Here are some tips to help you deal with some of the foundation problems that lead to wet messes:

1. Soil Conditions That Cause Foundation Movements and Cracks

Different soil conditions affect foundations throughout the year. In clay soils, rainy and dry seasons cause foundations to move, which leads to stress and cracks. In areas with sandy or sediment soils, homes often sink in the soft soil conditions and need solutions like pier jacking and post tensioned concrete. No matter what type of foundation you have, if soil conditions have caused damage, you are going to need to have it repaired to prevent further damage to your home. Winter weather can also cause changes in soil conditions that lead to foundation problems like cracks.

2. Poor Drainage Designs That Lead to Foundation Damage and Leaks

Poor drainage designs cause problems with various types of foundations. In homes that are built on a basement, the poor drainage can lead to excessive static water pressure, which is the pressure from ground water as it filters through the soil. This static water problem causes stress on foundations that leads to cracks and failed waterproofing. Poor drainage can also cause problems with erosion and cracks with slab foundations.

3. Erosion and Leaks That Cause Mold, Mildew and Unpleasant Odors

Erosion and leaks cause problems with many types of foundations, such as crawl space and slab foundations. In a basement, you notice the erosion and leak problems quickly but in many other types of foundations, the problems go unnoticed. In a crawl space, this can lead to standing water, mold and unpleasant musty odors throughout your home. On slab foundations, these problems cause cracking and can lead to water problems from ground water. To deal with these problems, you will need help from a repair contractor, as well as survey of the drainage around your home to make improvements. The repairs will help prevent erosion and foundation problems that lead to water damage.

Foundation problems can lead to wet messes and costly repairs. If you suspect you're your home needs these types of repairs, contact a home disaster restoration company like Personal Touch Services for help getting the situation under control. 


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