Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

Bathroom Remodeling: Know What You Are Capable Of Doing On Your Own

by Christine Matthews

Do you want to remodel a bathroom in your home, but think you can handle a lot of the tasks on your own? If so, you should realize that some things may be well outside your comfort zone when it comes to remodeling. Thankfully, there are professionals that can handle a lot of these tasks for you . Here is a job that you can do on your own, and one you should leave to a contractor to take care of for you.

Things You Can Do Yourself

There are a few tasks that you can save money by doing on your own.


It's easier to remove items from your bathroom than to install them. That's why it is easy to do the demolition of the old bathroom. Things such as removing an old vanity, taking out the old toilet, and removing existing floor tiles are easy enough to take care of yourself. Rather than pay a professional for the labor, you can fit this in on your weekends and evening before remodeling really gets underway.

Toilet Replacement

One item that is fairly easy to replace is the toilet, which can be done early on if your layout and floors are staying the same. It may seem like a job that will be complicated and messy, but it is actually quite easy. It involves draining the toilet of all water, unbolting the toilet from the floor, replacing the wax ring, and bolting down the new toilet to your floor. You can learn the basics of how to replace a toilet from an online tutorial video if you want step-by-step directions.

Things To Have A Contractor Do

Some jobs are too complicated for the typical homeowner, and should be left to a remodeling contractor.

Rerouting Plumbing

If you are planning on making major changes to your shower or changing the location of your sink, you will need the plumbing to be rerouted to the new location. This is a task that will require a remodeling contractor with a plumbing background to make sure everything is done properly.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

One nice feature to add to a remodeled bathroom is in floor radiant heating. It will keep your feet nice and warm when you step out of the shower. This task will involve electrical work to place the heating cables and connect them to a nearby outlet, which may put this out of your wheelhouse in terms of the required skill level.

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