Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

Problems With An Industrial Boiler Heating Up Water

by Christine Matthews

Has the problematic boiler in your warehouse caused a lack of hot water and heat for your business? The heating system is likely one that functions via the use of radiators, which relies on hot water to warm the building up. To resolve the problems, you must find out why the boiler has stopped heating water up as it is designed to do. There are ways to get a general idea of what the problem is, but you will likely need to hire a professional for assistance for an official diagnosis to be made. Browse through this article to learn about the things that commonly causes a boiler to have problems with heating up water.

The Boiler Does Not Receive Electricity

Is your boiler unable to heat water up to even a low warm temperature? If so, it is possible that the boiler isn't able to function due to a lack of electricity. The first place to look when electricity is an issue is in the electrical panel. Locate the circuit breaker in the panel that is responsible for sending electricity to the boiler. Turn the breaker on if you notice that it has tripped off.

Limescale Has Accumulated in the Boiler

If limescale has accumulated inside the boiler, it can be the cause of water not eating up as it should. Limescale may have covered the heat exchanger and is interfering with water getting hot. You might need the help of a professional to get rid of the limescale. He or she can clean the inside of the boiler and the heat exchanger with commercial tools that will allow a thorough job to be done.

There isn't Enough Water in the Boiler

The water level in the boiler plays a role in how well it is able to function. The reason why is because there must be a sufficient amount of water in the boiler to produce pressure. The pressure is important because it helps parts work that are responsible for warming water up. If the boiler isn't at least half way filled with water, more will need to be added to resolve the problem.

The Thermostat Doesn't Work as it Should

Take a look at the thermostat on the boiler and determine if it is set at a satisfactory temperature for heating water up. If the temperature is low, the problem might be resolved by simply setting it higher. Play around with testing different temperatures to find the right one for the water to reach the level of heat that you need. If changing the temperature doesn't resolve the problem, it is possible that a professional will need to install a new thermostat or make repairs.

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