Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

5 Ways To Prepare Your Exterior Today For The Next Storm Season

by Christine Matthews

There is no way to prevent all possibility of storm damage to your home. But you can take a few steps to help mitigate the risk and protect your assets. Here are five things you can do right now to minimize future damage. 

Check Shingles. The roof is a major target of wind and hail damage in any storm. So, take the time now to assess how well it's secured. Contact a roofing company to inspect the shingles, and ensure that they are properly secured. Replace any that show signs of weakness. Many companies charge a per-square-foot fee for doing this type of service. 

Trim Trees. Trees are another big risk factor in windstorms, as well as snow or ice storms. If any of your trees have grown large too close to the house, you may need to remove them, and plant some that are farther away. Also, be alert for branches that hang over the roof, near the house's windows or entrance doors, or near utility wires. Prune branches that appear to be damaged, are growing at an odd angle, or that fail to show signs of life during the summer. 

Anchor Yard Items. Don't forget to look around your yard for things that could become a problem. Outbuildings should be secured to a permanent foundation to prevent them from flying away. Similarly, yard play items can be tied down with stakes sunk into the ground. And find a permanent home inside a building for loose items like tools, garden equipment, bicycles, and toys. 

Check Drainage. Water is a big part of most storm damage, and it is sometimes not well covered by homeowners insurance. So, consider how rainwater falls and runs off the roof and in the yard. Make sure gutters are in good condition by running hose water through them. Direct runoff water away from the house by the use of downspout extenders. And check the slope of your yard to be sure that water naturally drains away from your home, rather than toward it. 

Upgrade Windows. If you live in an area frequented by hurricanes, tornadoes, or other high-wind events, consider updating your windows. Modern, impact-resistant windows are tested and rated to withstand very high winds. You can combine these with permanent window shutters, including metal ones that roll down automatically, for maximum protection.

Many of these simple preparedness tips can be done yourself and with a minimal budget. But the investment of time and money will be worth it when you meet the next big storm with more peace of mind.

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