Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

Dustless Sandblasting In A Business Setting: Your Guide To General FAQs

by Christine Matthews

When you are the owner of a business property, its maintenance is one of your top priorities, which means over the course of ownership, you could need all kinds of specialized service professionals to help you with one task or another. You may think that a sandblasting service is not something you would ever need, but it definitely could be, especially in certain types of settings. The most common type of sandblasting done in business settings is dustless sandblasting, and this is not something that a lot of people are familiar with in general. Check out this short list of FAQs about dustless sandblasting and the answers you should know as a business owner. 

How is dustless sandblasting good for business owners?

Dustless sandblasting involves the same kind of treatment as traditional sandblasting, but the processes are different. Instead of dry compounds, the sand or abrasive is mixed with water. This means that the water particles capture the dry particles as they are distributed. This is ideal in indoor settings or in areas where there are other businesses, surrounding people, or vehicle traffic. Because dustless sandblasting does not cause as much of a mess, it is not as much of a disturbance in public business locations, and the projects are not going to leave a massive amount of cleanup work behind. 

Why would you need a dustless sandblasting service for property maintenance?

There are all kinds of industries and services that that could see the need for a sandblasting service at some point. For example:

  • If you own a hotel, you may need the indoor pool sandblasted during renovations
  • If you own a retail store, you may need the shelving and fixtures sandblasted during a remodel
  • If you own a restaurant, you may need old paint removed from the building before repainting
  • If you own an industrial facility, you may need a piece of equipment cleaned for maintenance purposes

Do all sandblasting services offer dustless sandblasting?

Not every individual contractor who offers sandblasting as well as other services will usually offer dustless sandblasting because not all of them have the same types of equipment. However, if you do find a specific service that specializes in sandblasting alone, there is a good possibility they will offer a variety of techniques to fit the purpose. Therefore, if dustless sandblasting is something you feel you need to be performed during a project, it is best to reach out to companies that specialize specifically in sandblasting.  


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