Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

Three Ways To Make More Money With Your ATM Business

by Christine Matthews

Purchasing an ATM is a business idea that is often overlooked. Most people assume that only banks own ATMs, which is not the case. You can open up your own business purchasing and running automatic teller machines if you would like. One of the downsides of getting started in the business of ATM purchasing is the price. Ownership of an ATM often comes with a startup fee of several thousand dollars. If you want to keep costs low and make more money with your ATM service, here are three ways to do so. 

Purchase and repair ATMs

There are companies that will sell machines that need some sprucing up and machines that are no longer in use. Purchasing a used ATM is one of the best ways to receive a significant price cut from the usual price of starting an ATM business. Purchase machines that look attractive and are older models but in need of some repair. These will give you all of the necessary services that customers expect from an ATM but will allow you to make repairs at your own pace and price. 

Get a machine that offers low-denominational bills

Most ATMs will disburse twenty-dollar bills or higher. This is fine for those looking to take out a significant amount of money but not for those who have a low balance. Invest in ATMs that will allow you to disburse one-dollar bills, five-dollar bills, and ten-dollar bills as well. This type of machine will become renowned for those who are looking to take out single dollars or low amounts. Be sure to advertise on the machine itself that the machine will dispense low-dollar denominations. This will make your machine a hot spot. 

Situate it near nightlife

Since many merchants and billers take debit and credit cards, you will need to be strategic in where you place your ATM in order to collect as much in ATM fees as possible. One of the best possible areas to sit your ATM is near the nightlife in your city. This means near bars and clubs. Since there is often an area where there are many bars and clubs in each city, you will want to have your ATM in this space. Most bar-goers will want to take out money for their tab and especially for tips. You will be able to get people who will come to your ATM every time that they are out in order to pay to get into clubs or for drinks. This will assure you money in ATM fees and plenty of ongoing business. 

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