Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

5 Things An Emergency Restoration Service Will Do After A Fire

by Christine Matthews

Having a fire break out in your home is traumatic. But the challenge does not end once the flames are out. In fact, your work is just beginning. There's a lot of cleanup to do after a house fire, and your best approach for handling it is usually to call an emergency restoration services company. Here are five key things that they will do to make your home livable and safe again.

1. Remove Water

It takes a lot of water to put out a fire. Much of that water will probably be pooling in the basement of your home, and the restoration company can use powerful pumps to remove it. They will then use big, industrial fans to remove moisture from the air while also surface-drying items like your counters and floors. The faster they get the water out, the lower your risk of mold growth. However, moisture removal can take a few days as it takes some time for the water to evaporate from soft surfaces like carpets.

2. Remove Soot

Various surfaces in your home will have soot residue from the fire. Your fire restoration team can safely remove the soot, which is harder than it might sound since soot has an oily constitution. If there are soot-covered surfaces they cannot clean, they may remove those items from the home for your own safety.

3. Carpet Cleaning

Once much of the moisture is gone from the home, your restoration team should clean any carpets that are still in usable condition. This will help remove any smoke odors, and it will also nip any mold growth in the bud. If your carpets are light-colored, however, they might never quite recover from the fire, and you might want to have them replaced.

4. Smoke Removal

Smoke scents can linger in the air in a fire-damaged home for many months. Your restoration team should run an air purification machine to remove smoke odors sooner. They may leave this machine behind for you to continue using for a month or so after the fire.

5. Sanitation

If the water sits in your home for more than a few hours after the fire is put out, you may have some bacterial growth on your floors, walls, and other surfaces because bacteria love warm, moist spaces. The restoration team will use a sanitation solution, such as bleach and water, to disinfect the surfaces so they don't put you at risk of illness. 


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