Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

Four Easy Ways To Give Your Living Room A New Look

by Christine Matthews

When it comes to updating your decor, you may find that you have a limited budget. Replacing all your furniture and accessories may be too expensive, but making a few smaller changes can do a lot to give the room a facelift. Here are some easy ways to give your living room a new look without breaking the bank.

Reupholster Your Sofa

Your sofa is typically the centerpiece of the room, and giving it a makeover can do wonders to create a new look for your living space. If you have a sofa you love the shape and design of, consider having it reupholstered. Your upholstery service can recommend fabrics for you, or you can save a little money by finding your own fabric on clearance at a local craft supply store. For a sofa that's in good repair, you may find that you need only replace the upholstery and not any of the padding. The average price for reupholstering a sofa is $654, which may be less expensive than replacing the sofa completely.

Invest in an Area Rug

Even if your living room is carpeted, you may want to consider the purchase of an area rug. A rug can help define the seating area in your living room while also adding a burst of color. You can choose an oriental rug for a more traditional appearance, or you may want an abstract design for a more modern decor theme. Trellis patterns can provide a stunning contemporary look to update your decor. Even if you choose a solid color shag rug, you may find that just this one simple change can make the room look and feel new.

Add Dramatic Curtains

Whether your living room has a small front window or a large picture window, dramatic curtains can create a bold focal point for your space. Consider floor-length curtains, even if your windows aren't very large. You can give the room a grand look by adding long curtain rods and covering up bare walls with drapes. This creates a perfect backdrop for your newly upholstered couch, and it can also help a smaller living room look a bit bigger. If you'll be covering both windows and bare walls, consider placing sheer drapes over the windows and adding a second layer with your thicker curtains. This way, you can bring natural light into the room while still keeping your focal point in place.

Purchase New Accent Pieces

Sometimes, all you need to change the look of a room is new accent pieces. Add a few colorful throw pillows to your reupholstered sofa, or consider a coordinating ottoman to give your family a place to rest their feet. Replace old table lamps with more contemporary designs to give the space a lighting upgrade. Take a trip to your local home goods store for inspiration, and set a budget for how much you want to spend. You can then coordinate items and make sure you haven't gone over budget.


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