Restoring Your Home to Earn More Money

Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

  • How A Contractor Cleans Up Mold And Restores Your Laundry Room Back To Normal

    If you have a slow, hidden drip in your laundry room, you may not even notice it until you detect a mildew odor. Once you start investigating by pulling out the washer and dryer, you may see mold all over the floor and wall. While you might be able to scrub mold off of a hard surface, it is nearly impossible to clean it from porous drywall and flooring. You're faced with cleaning up mold and repairing water damage, so calling in a mold remediation contractor, like those at American Restoration 24/7, Fire & Water Damage Restoration, is usually the safest thing to so.

  • Problems With An Industrial Boiler Heating Up Water

    Has the problematic boiler in your warehouse caused a lack of hot water and heat for your business? The heating system is likely one that functions via the use of radiators, which relies on hot water to warm the building up. To resolve the problems, you must find out why the boiler has stopped heating water up as it is designed to do. There are ways to get a general idea of what the problem is, but you will likely need to hire a professional for assistance for an official diagnosis to be made.

  • 3 Strategies For Your Furniture Restoration And Paint Stripping

    Because so much goes into keeping your furniture looking fresh and maintaining its overall value, it's important that you always handle each matter with care. This applies whether you have antique furniture or just some favorites that need to be touched up. If you really want your furniture to look its best and remain functional, restoration is crucial. A fresh coat of paint can and some touchups on your furniture can work wonders.

  • The Four Dangers Of Not Treating Smoke Damage

    If there has been a fire in your home, it's extremely important that you get the leftover damage treated once the fire is put out. Aside from replacing your items that were destroyed, there is more to it than this, even if the fire was small and only affect a small portion of the home. Here are four dangers of not treating this: The Odor Does Not Go Away: Many people believe that any kind of smoke damaged areas will eventually go back to normal.

  • 2 Options For Dealing With A Wet Foundation

    If you are noticing that you have a lot of water around your basement or foundation, you want to make sure that you get that taken care of as soon as possible. There are various ways that you can handle the problem. So, what kind of things can you do? French Drains One thing that you can do is to have French drains installed outside your house. These drains are actually trenches that are dug parallel to your house.

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Restoring Your Home To Earn More Money

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